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Arun Carpentry contractors offers a Carpentry service to house builders and developers in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. We are a well-established business and have been the first choice in Sussex for over 25 years, with experience in all stages of Carpentry.

We offer expert advice which stems from our years of experience in the industry ensuring that our clients have the correct information about our entire Carpentry process as it happens. As a family business, we value the loyalty and relationship we have with our clients and are committed to completing projects on time to their satisfaction.

Arun Carpentry Contractors works with the best Tradesmen and Craftsmen in the carpentry industry who share the same passion for the craft as we do.

Our Team of Expert Carpenters

We have a highly professional team of tradesmen and management that is passionate about Carpentry and providing an excellent service, that's why we are one of the best . Our team of dedicated expert carpenters have the relevant skills, qualifications and years of experience needed to make each project a success . We recently completed all the Carpentry work on an exclusive lodge for the Earl Of March on the Goodwood estate which involved restoring historic items and installing the highest quality joinery items and producing at highly professional Carpentry Finish.

Contact us on 07766661004 (Robin) 0r 07850602090 (Clive) for trusted carpentry advice and services.